Technology Services Q1 2023

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Ken Allen

Ken Allen

Managing Director, Corporate Finance, KPMG Corporate Finance LLC

+1 857-939-1333


Ken Allen

Ken Allen

Managing Director, Corporate Finance, KPMG Corporate Finance LLC

+1 857-939-1333

Introduction: Technology Services Sector Themes

Private Equity players remain active in the middle-market despite economic headwinds in the broader economy. Industry consolidation remains a key theme, with platform and add-on acquisitions fueling inorganic expansion.


Technology Services Summary

  • Strategic and financial buyers remain active in the Technology Services space, investing in key industry themes including Digital Transformation, Cloud Enablement, Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Managed Services
  • The market continues to reward high-quality companies with attractive exit opportunities and premium valuations



Key Industry Drivers: Private Equity Roll-ups

  • Private Equity (‘PE’) investment in the Technology Services sector remains robust, with over 100 deals announced per quarter, on average
  • Hundreds of PE sponsors have emerged having Technology Services as a core investment thesis



Technology Services M&A Themes (Q1’23)

  • Economic headwinds and fears of a recession have not slowed consolidation in the Technology Services sector
  • M&A activity in Technology Services rebounded in Q1 from Q4 levels, increasing 14.1%, to 396 deals in the quarter



Public Market Valuation Trends & Drivers

  • Valuation multiples (EV / LTM EBITDA) of publicly-traded Technology Services companies have compressed over the past year
    • Median multiples have declined from 18.2x at the end of Q1’22 to 14.5x at the end of Q1’23
    • Multiples have held more or less steady over the past quarter (e.g., relative to Q4’22)
  • Publicly-traded Technology Services share prices have appreciated modestly thus far in 2023 (+1.9%)



A Number of Private Equity Players are Driving M&A in Technology Services

  • KPMG has compiled a list of selected Private Equity firms in the Technology Services ecosystem, outlined on page 27+


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