Credit Markets Update Q3 2023

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Leverage loan volumes recovered in the third quarter as secondary prices and risk sentiment improved

  • Third quarter new issue leveraged loan volume reached $94.3 billion, a 20% increase from $78.1 billion in the third quarter of 2022, and the highest volume for the past five quarters
    • M&A volumes recovered in the third quarter reaching $38.0 billion, or a 66% increase from the second quarter, but still well below historical levels
  • Refinancing activity remained strong in the third quarter, capturing about 74% of the U.S. Institutional loan volume
    • Repricing and amend-and-extend activity, which doesn’t factor into overall issuance data, witnessed a significant increase as borrowers seek continuance with their existing lenders amid continued worries about market conditions
  • The syndicated loan market made a mild recovery related to higher quality LBO assets, while private credit continues to be the financing of choice for relatively riskier deals and sponsors seeking options for their bolt-on investments

New Issue Leveraged Loan Volume ($bn)

U.S. Institutional Refinancing Loan Volume ($bn)


Count of LBOs financed in broadly syndicated vs private credit markets

High yield volume ticked up in the third quarter to $41.0 billion versus $18.9 billion in 2022, as YTD volume reached $134.7 billion

  • Third quarter volume of $41.0 billion recorded a significant improvement versus 2022 stemming from record activity in September driven by M&A deadlines and looming refinancing needs
  • The average yield at issuance closed the third quarter at 9.32%. Despite elevated yields, levels continue to stay below the decade high of 10.44% reached at the end of 2022

High Yield Volume ($bn)

The Federal Reserve paused raising rates at its September meeting citing progress on inflation and a gradual tightening in the labor market

  • The Federal Reserve indicated one more rate increase may be needed before the year concludes, highlighting the commitment toward the 2% inflation target
  • Geopolitical events have now made the macro picture more difficult to forecast and along with that, monetary policy as well

Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR)

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