Chemicals & Specialty Materials Update Q1 2023

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Chemicals & Specialty Materials Q1 2023 Earnings Summary

  • The 41 Chemicals & Specialty Materials companies that provide details on organic revenue growth showed a slight decline of (1.1%) in Q1 '23  vs. the year ago period
  • Similar to Q4 2022, pricing actions continued to support the top-line for a majority of the sub-sectors (up 6.1% on average). Exceptions were:
    • Agchems and Fertilizers - where Fertilizer producers generally saw significant price declines while Agchem companies were able to push  through price increases; and
    • Commodity & Diversified producers who experienced fairly broad price declines
  • Once again, volumes (down 7.2% on average) were a concern across most of the industry

High Yield - Average New Issue Yields

Source: LCD Interactive High Yield Report, Monthly & Quarterly Volume tab
YoY Δ Agchems/ Fertilizers Coatings & Adhesives Commodity & Diversified Chemicals Industrial Gases Minerals & Inorganics Specialty Chemicals Titanium Dioxide Overall









Organic Growth


  • The Chemicals & Specialty Materials industry continued to experience strong headwinds that pushed year-over-year organic sales growth in Q1  2023 to (1.1%) compared to 8.0% growth year-over-year in Q4 2022
  • Declining consumer demand, stubborn inflation, increasing risk of recession in key markets and continued economic uncertainty all played a role  in impacting organic sales across the industry
    • In addition, customers working their way through excess inventory/destocking remained an issue during the quarter
  • While price increases continued to support the majority of the industry, the rate of increase in prices slowed from the prior quarter. Volumes  however, continued to show a negative trend (with some exceptions)
  • On a positive note, some industry participants suggest that destocking has largely run its course, except for certain end-markets where it is  expected to continue for a few more months
  • While there are some positive signs, we believe the broad macro-economic challenges continue to cast uncertainty on the near-term  growth of the Chemicals & Specialty Materials industry


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