Global TMT M&A Update Q2 2021

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Containers & Kubernetes Emerge as Growth Engine for IT Innovation and Digital Transformation

Containers have evolved into a fundamental part of IT infrastructure that package an application or a microservice along with the libraries, binaries and configuration files required by application to run successfully. These help decompose applications into self managed components that can be updated independently across physical servers, thereby eliminating the need to rebuild the whole application. Containers are lightweight solutions that run on shared operating systems and can run in any environment without modification.

Strengthening Container Adoption Across Regions and Sectors


businesses have some plans or degree of adoption


global businesses will be running containerized applications by 2025


Container Application market to grow at 2020-24 CAGR of 25.6%






Electronics Software




Financial Services




Healthcare & Lifesciences



Note: Represents container adoption across major sectors

Each container needs an orchestration platform that enables declarative configuration for managing container orchestration and automating deployment, scaling, and operations of the container.

Kubernetes, introduced as an open-source platform by Google in 2014, has emerged as the leading orchestration platform of choice for containers. Kubernetes shift the burden of running the applications on the cloud and eliminate manual tasks involved in deploying and scaling containerized applications.

Hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Kubernetes (K8 or Kubes) along with an ecosystem of supporting tools, handle service discovery, load balancing, storage orchestration, self-healing, automated rollouts and rollbacks, and configuration management of containers.

Container and Kubernetes Benefits

  • Independent of Underlying infrastructure
  • Faster Application Development
  • Quick Bug Fixes
  • Powerful Configuration Options
  • Scales & Manages Applications
  • Automated Container Deployment

Kubernetes are the Orchestration Platform of Choice


Global Quarterly TMT M&A Activity: Q3’18 – Q2’21

Sources: 451 Research (proprietary database accessed on March 31, 2021)


Global Quarterly TMT Mid-Market M&A Activity (≤$500M): Q3’18 – Q2’21

Sources: 451 Research (proprietary database accessed on March 31, 2021)

We continue our regular dialog with leading IoT and industrial IoT companies and would be happy to discuss the insights we have gathered as one of the most active M&A advisors in TMT. To read the full report, download the PDF below.

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