Credit markets update Q4 2020

Credit market disruption in light of COVID-19; Managing liquidity for your business

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Credit Markets Update

Market conditions continued to stabilize during the second half of 2020 with the gradual reopening of the economy. This further drew borrowers off the sidelines leading to a recovery in the loan market.

  • New issue loan volume rebounded slightly from $89 billion in the third quarter to $94 billion in the fourth quarter, driven by stabilizing conditions and increasing investor demand
  • After two consecutive quarters of decline, loan volume for acquisitions rebounded sharply with issuance for both M&A and LBO volume at record levels during the quarter. The market enters 2021 with a strong M&A pipeline, indicating a strong new issue market 
  • In addition, opportunistic loan issuance continued to remain strong, with sponsors tapping the market for dividend recaps
  • Despite initial fears, the leveraged loan market default rate avoided a more painful default wave, supported by liquidity from central banks. Default rate ended the year at 3.83%, as compared to 4.17% at the end of third quarter of 2020

Dividend or Stock Repurchase Loan Volume

Quarterly ($bn)

New Issue US M&A Loans

Quarterly ($bn)

Federal Reserve support has resulted in a sharp contraction in bond yields and spreads, and has encouraged companies to take advantage of historically low bond yields

  • While the gradual economic recovery has eased liquidity concerns, companies continue to tap the bond market, taking advantage of lower borrowing costs to refinance debt and extend maturities
  • 2020 high-yield bond issuance increased ~60% to $435 billion from $273 billion in 2019, breaking the previous high of $345 billion issued in 2012

High Yield Volume ($bn)

With a strong end to the market in 2020 and a robust pipeline, there is general optimism in the credit markets for 2021. Further economic recovery and Covid-19 vaccine distribution are central to this outlook

  • In December 2020, $908 billion Covid relief legislation was signed into law that includes assistance to households and businesses, as well as funding for vaccine distribution and more

High Yield - Average New Issue Yields


Source: Standard & Poor | Leveraged Commentary & Data.




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