The Future of IIoT

Solutions that drive action will win.

Joseph Radecki

Joseph Radecki

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It’s not just about the data anymore

The early days of IIoT focused on connecting everything. Next, it was about collecting massive amounts of data. Leading IIoT platforms now realize that, while connections and data are the foundation, robust analytics and AI must deliver operational insights that lead to action.
If deep insights driving action are not the result, investment in IIoT is a fool’s errand.

Prevailing IIoT Themes

Fast, secure, and data-driven actions are validating investments in IIoT

Edge computing allows the decision to be made at the event

Edge computing enables data analytics to take place at or near the data source (at the network’s “edge”), moving intelligence closer to the source of the data from the cloud or on-prem compute center. Edge computing is gaining importance as it allows for a reduction in the amount of data that must be transported for monitoring purposes.

Private 5G will allow faster decisions across an even greater number of things

The introduction of private 5G industrial networks is bringing significantly greater network speed and bandwidth to quickly drive more intelligent, real-time analysis and actions.

AI is empowering action without human intervention 

AI is enabling robust IIoT systems to model data and take action without the need for human intervention. Predictive maintenance, critical asset monitoring, real-time environmental awareness, and machine learning are among the applications that are benefiting from AI tools.

Security is crucial in an increasingly connected IoT world

The sheer number of stakeholders in a connected world represent many different views of the threats posed by vast networks of connected devices. Purpose-built IIoT Cyber Security platforms are able to secure hundreds, sometimes thousands, of access points and data transport streams, and detect and respond to emerging threats, ensuring the integrity of IIoT deployments.

To download the full report, which includes a deeper dive into the themes above as well as a discussion around the activities of several key M&A consolidators in the space and a landscape summary of important IIoT sub-verticals, please download the report below.

The Future of IIoT
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