Mike Rudolph

Managing Director, Corporate Finance


Mike is a Managing Director for KPMG CF LLC’s Capital Advisory Group and is based in Chicago.  He joined KPMG Corporate Finance in 2011 as a member of the Capital Advisory Team after spending nearly 10 years at GE Antares Capital and CapitalSource Finance LLC.  Mike has extensive experience orchestrating senior debt (cash flow and asset based), junior capital, and equity financings for leverage buyouts, private placements, and balance sheet restructurings. 

His background includes raising capital and restructuring undercapitalized businesses, providing all facets of leverage buyout financings, including originating, structuring, underwriting, syndicating, and portfolio management, and providing mergers & acquisition advisory services to sell-side and private placement clients.   

Mike’s focus is providing value to private and public clients through capital structure advisory; capital raises of senior debt, junior capital or equity; and debt restructurings.   Mike also leads the Private Wealth referral channel coverage effort within Corporate Finance focused on bulge bracket investment bank and private wealth partners.


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