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In today’s market, you need an advisor with objective insight at every step of the transaction process. We work with you throughout the full deal cycle to create value and successfully execute your deal strategy.

KPMG Corporate Finance LLC

KPMG Corporate Finance LLC’s investment bankers have extensive transaction and industry experience, which enables them to understand the issues and challenges our clients face.

Our experienced professionals provide objective insight at every step of the transaction process, including analyzing strategic options, assessing value, structuring the deal, designing mechanisms for presenting the deal to the marketplace, managing the transaction process, and negotiating and securing the optimal terms for a successful closing.

Leading M&A advisor to the middle-market

Worldwide completed Advisory ranking (1)

Source: (1)Thomson Reuters SDC; Each set of figures is taken from the league table press releases issued for that year. Middle market is defined as deals less than US$500 million.
*Represents the global Corporate Finance practices of KPMG International’s network of independent member firms.


Global coverage. Industry knowledge. Middle-market focus.

The global Corporate Finance practices of KPMG International's network of independent member firms was ranked #1 as the top M&A middle-market adviser globally by Thomson Reuters SDC based on number of completed transactions, for 2018.



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Philip J. Isom

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Inna Novak

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